We’ve recently noticed that there are some Donately users that used Facebook to register for Donately, but have trouble logging back into Donately.
We’ve discovered a workaround that should allow you to log back into Donately. It involves removing Donately’s authorization from your Facebook account and re-authorizing when you sign back into Donately.

  1. Go to your Account Settings on Facebook and select “Apps”
  2. If you are using Facebook’s Mobile App, tap the button that Says “Logged in With Facebook”
  3. Select Donately from the list of apps and scroll to the bottom. Tap the button that say “Remove App”
  4. Confirm that you’re removing the app’s permissions (note that this will NOT delete your account or points from S’more)

Once you have removed Donately from your Facebook account, open the S’more account and tap the text below the sign up form that says “Already Have an Account…”. Tap the “Log In With Facebook” button to log back into Donately.

If you’re having trouble, Send us an email.