It's such a simple app to use and make a difference with!
As a regular volunteer, I like Donately because I can constantly be making a difference.
Protecting the ocean is a huge passion for me. Donately helps me do just that with Surfrider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What People Are Asking

Donately rewards you in exchange for placing ads on your phone’s lock screen. We’ll give you points each day you see ads on your phone’s lock screen. Points can also be earned by completing surveys & referring friends to Donately. You can exchange points you’ve earned to make different impacts with our charity partners.

Donately awards lock screen points once per day. Donately does not award points per unlock, per click or per ad viewed. We’ve found that advertisers are not interested in serving ads to people who are being incentivized per ad.

There are multiple ways you can earn points:
1. Every Donately user will earn lock screen points once per day, you receive these points all at once for using the Donately lock screen. You will see these points as “Daily Usage” in your points Feed.
2. Watching videos for points. You can watch up to 100 videos to earn up to 50 points per day.
*Videos may not be available, so keep check periodically throughout the day for more videos.
3. Complete offers for points in the Offers section.
4. Play Games by completing levels in the Play Games section.
5. Download apps. You can earn up to 25 points (5 points/app) by downloading your favorite apps.
6. Refer friends and family to sign up to the Donatley App. The people you refer will receive an additional 25 points for signing up by using your referral link. You will also receive 25 points for the referral.

Donately points can be exchanged for charity “impacts” which vary per charity. While points have no cash value, they can be exchanged at a general rate of 100 points to one “impact”, like planting a tree. After you redeem your points, we automatically add the impact you made to the Donately impacts tracker.

Donately is currently integrated with 7 philanthropy partners offering the following impacts:

  • Plant a tree.
  • Provide 10 meals.
  • Add minutes to crisis hotlines. 
  • Remove trash from beaches. 
  • Provide safe drinking water.
  • Water testing beaches.
  • Provide a rescue animal with medical exam, microchip, and collar. 

When you redeem Donately points, we’ll automatically add your impact to the global impact tracker. 

There are two reasons for this. First, we need to verify your email address in order to ensure that credit from your points are sent to the right place. Second, we need to verify your phone number because Donately is designed to be used on mobile phones only that are able to send & receive text messages. Also, you are only permitted to have one Donately account per device, so once a number is associated with an account, it can not be used again.

When you refer a user you both will receive 25 bonus points.

  • The Person you Referred will receive 25 bonus points when he or she creates an account using the referral link.
  • You, the Referrer receive 25 points when the person that you referred is active in the Donately app for 10 days.
    Note: The person you referred must have a verified phone number in order to receive your points automatically.

When you refer someone, you will receive your 25 bonus points after the referrer is active in the Donately app for 10 days. If you have not received your bonus referral points, please email Donately Support.

Your referral code is available in the Donately app by visiting the “Earn Points” page and then selecting “Refer Friends” from the list of options. You will see your code and a button to copy a link that can be shared via text & social media. The link will automatically include the code with any accounts that download Donately using that code.

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