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Help make the change you want to see in the world by partnering with the Donately App. 

Use our media kit to help showcase our collaboration and spread the word about our app. 

Changing how we give

Welcome To Donately

An App Designed To Revolutionize Charitable Giving

How It Works

Leading busy lives in a modern world can mean that many people lack the time or financial resources to make what they feel is a meaningful impact.

Enter Donately, a lock screen app that allows users to earn points simply by having the app installed on their phones. Additionally, they can interact with its content and ads in ways that feel natural to generate even more points.

In return, these points can be redeemed with the user’s favourite charities and causes to make measurable impacts (which anyone can view on our impact tracker) in numerous ways, such as planting trees, testing water safety and feeding the hungry.

In addition, charities and nonprofit organizations can promote Donately to their global audiences and social media communities to create an in-app user following.


Donately partners with Pledge, which ensures points are redeemed and donated fast and efficiently.


Measuring The Impact of Donations

The impact of users’ donations is tracked, offering feedback in real numbers (mouths fed, trees planted, etc.) Sharing Donately within a user’s social network can earn even more points, making an even greater impact.

Current Donately Organization Integrations

Surfrider; The Trevor Project; Thirst Project; ASPCA; Feeding America; One Tree Planted; Heal the Bay

Marketing Resources

Logos are available in PNG formats, allowing for background transparency when placed on backgrounds of various colors. The version of logo to be used in specific situations will be provided in response to permission requests. A variety of logo lockups are available to allow for inclusion of the brand mark or mark-only versions suitable to layouts requiring a vertical or square image.

Color Palettes:

Logo Usage:

Please do not alter, flip, color or adjust the logo in any way; application of the Donately logo should remain consistent. Below are some examples – though not an exhaustive list – of incorrect uses of our logo.

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