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How to Get Free Samples of Almost Everything

“Free” is a favorite word of many bargain hunters. There’s nothing like the rush of receiving a free sample in the mail or getting to try out a free sample in-store. So, how can money-savvy shoppers go about getting these more regularly? Here are five tips for how to get free samples of almost everything!

How to Get Free Samples: Ask Companies Directly

You’d be surprised just how many companies are more than willing to provide their customers with free samples of their products. And all you have to do? Just ask! Companies have been using free samples as a way to increase their product sales for decades. After all, who wants to pay full price for a new product that may not be what they need? Free samples are a win-win: you get to try out a product without any risk, and if the product is a hit the company gets increased sales and happy customers. Write a letter, send an email, or make a phone call – these are all risk-free ways to see what kinds of products your favorite companies have to offer.

How to Get Free Samples: Get Connected on Social Media

Social media is the marketing tool of the century. More and more companies are accepting this fact and working towards making their social media presence a strong one. You may have to jump through a few hoops – “like” a company page, share a link, leave a comment with your impressions – but in just a few minutes you can get free samples from companies that offer them on their social media pages. Are you already big on social media? Consider signing up for Influenster, a site that gives away free samples in exchange for product reviews – you can post a video on YouTube, take a picture for your Instagram page, or just comment on your Facebook.

How to Get Free Samples: Take a Look at Freebie Websites

There are hundreds of websites out there claiming to give away free samples and other perks. While it’s important that you’re cautious of such websites, there are reputable freebie sites out there – you just have to know where to look. One great site for free samples, coupons, and giveaways is Freebies2deals. This site is chock-full of free sample offers, coupons, and more. Other popular freebie websites include PINCHme and Freeflys. Worried about falling for a scam? There’s a few simple tips to remember and you’ll never have to worry:
Never give out bank or credit card information
Never give out your social security number
Always read the fine print

How to Get Free Samples: Find Out When Your Favorite Stores Have Sampling Events

Even though free sample opportunities abound online, in-store samples are still a thing – some companies, however, have decided to take in-store free samples to the next level. Weekly and monthly freebie events aren’t uncommon in big box stores — these events allow customers to pick up free samples of new products that have just hit the market, as well as watch product demonstrations and maybe even win a giveaway prize. From teeth whitening strips to laundry detergent to cereal to baby wipes, free samples can be just as plentiful in-store as they are online.

How to Get Free Samples: Join Your Favorite Companies’ Email Clubs

Email clubs are a great, passive way to receive coupons and free samples of your favorite products – and many even send you coupons and free gifts on your birthday and sign-up anniversary! You can get freebie surprises from tons of popular companies, like Old Navy, Sephora, Ben & Jerry’s, and more! Are you worried about a cluttered email account? Make a separate email account just for email clubs and then sort your incoming emails by company or even by certain words, such as “free” or “gift.” Free samples are a great way to cut back on your monthly expenses. If you’re ready to get started saving on all of your household needs, from makeup to cleaning supplies to pantry staples, give the five tips above a try.