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7 Hidden Menu Items to Help You Win at Life

For those who grew up in the age of video games, you know the inexplicable joy of finding a secret passage, hidden treasure, or game hack that takes your gamer life experience to the next level.  Personally I’ll confess that every time I pull a book off of a book case in real life there is a small part of me that hopes it swivels around to reveal a descending stair case.  And yet, I am disappointed every single time. But what if I told you that there is more than meets the eye with your favorite food menus and lurking behind the text are secret menu items available only to the wise and informed?  Well, sit down, relax and let me take you into the world of the top 7 hidden menu items available to you right now.

The Poor Man’s Big Mac – McDonald’s

Yes, Ronald McDonald might be smiling in your face but that is only because he is keeping a fantastic secret from you.  A Big Mac can run you about $3.99 or more at most locations, but with some savvy wording you can pull off the fast food heist of the century.  A McDouble runs about a buck fifty, but if you simply ask for extra lettuce and big mac sauce while telling them to hold the ketchup and mustard you get, the poor man’s Big Mac.  Honestly, the only thing missing is that slice of bread in the middle which is kind of pointless to begin with and just extra carbs.

The Suicide Burger – Burger King

In a world where fast food joints are attempting to cater to the health conscious eater, Burger King has seemed to take the route of “our food will make you fat and you love it.”  But if you preference not to wait around too long in life for your first heart attack, the secret suicide burger has you covered. This hidden menu item boasts four beef patties, four slices of cheese, a special sauce and because why not, bacon.  

The Feast – Subway

If you preference to visit one of the healthier options in fast food, Subway still has you covered when it comes to secret menu items. What has been dubbed, “The Feast”, is basically ordering a Subway sandwich with the works, if the works were every single variety of deli meat they had in the store.  That’s right, you get them all.  No longer are you limited by the pairings they believe are tasty simply ask for them all and when the Sandwich artists gasps simply reply, “I didn’t stutter when I said it, I want them all.”  

Cookies and Cream Frappuccino – Starbucks

This is a menu item that will pop up from time to time at Starbucks, but what most don’t realize is that special items are often made with ingredients they have in the store every day.  So with a minor variation of your standard drink, victory can be yours.  For this when it is out of season, simply order the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino with white mocha sauce instead of regular.  

Valentine’s Day Special – White Castle

Starting out a romantic relationship on a budget can be hard for a young man in love, but with a little wit and humor he can save the day and his wallet.  At cult classic White Castle, they offer a Valentines’ day special every year where you can make reservations for a candlelit dinner with 10 sliders, fries, and two drinks all for under 12 bucks.   Yes, I just told you to take your date to White Castle for Valentine’s Day, but if you do so and she stays, trust me she is a keeper.

Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger – Shake Shack

Another item that was once on the menu at Shake Shack in seasons long past, but it can be created with a little savvy ordering ability.  Shake Shack carry’s a peanut sauce that when drizzled on top of the bacon turns your bacon shackburger into fast food high class dining.  Some will add it for you while others will make you order a side of the sauce, but you won’t regret this peanut butter addition to your classic burger.

Animal Style – In N Out Burger

Last but not least, we can let you on the secret that is not just an item but a lifestyle choice for enjoying your favorite greasy foods from In and Out Burger.  When you order your burger Animal Style, you’ll get a mustard soaked burger with pickle, extra spread, and grilled onions for what is sure to be a messy ordeal.  You can even animal style your fries for the full effect if you like.

So there you have it, 7 hidden menu items to help you win at life on a budget.  Keep in mind that some of these restaurants will know these items by name and while others you will need to order by item.  But pull this off and who knows, maybe a secret passage is indeed the next life hack that awaits you.