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The Healthy Generic Brand Foods Everyone Should Buy

There are many reasons why consumers like to buy generic brand food products. The difference in price with branded food items, is one of the strongest factors. However, there are more reasons why it might be better to stick with generic brand products. In many cases, these food items might not only be cheaper but also healthier. Some stores also have better products than others. Here is a list of 6 healthy foods and the best generic store brands that sell them.

Generic Brand Foods: Non-perishable snacks from Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value

In general, it is a good idea to buy cheaper non-perishable snacks from generic store brands. Many of these food items, like whole wheat crackers, dried fruits, canned foods and multi-grain cereals, are often more nutritious and tasteful than their brand-named counterparts. Whole Foods Market offers customers the finest selection of non-perishable snacks. It sells them under the name 365 Everyday Value.

Generic Brand Foods: Archer Farm Balsamic Vinegar from Target

People have been using vinegar for thousands of years, and it has always been praised for its potential health benefits. Especially balsamic vinegar is popular among health enthusiasts. Some stores sell it under their own brand name. Archer Farm has one of the better and more affordable balsamic vinegars.

Generic Brand Foods: Hamburger Buns from Trader Joe’s

Normal hamburger breads might not be the healthiest food choice, but the affordable buns from Trader Joe’s add a nutritious touch to every hamburger. These buns have a light texture and they are generously sprinkled with a large amount of tasteful sesame seeds. Trader Joe’s sells them for a very affordable price.

Generic Brand Foods: Olive Oil from Walmart’s Great Value brand

Olive oil is an essential ingredient in the healthy Mediterranean diet. Scientists believe that olive oil reduces inflammation and that it helps to prevent skin cancer. Consumers should pick Great Value from Walmart, when they are looking for a good store brand that sells an affordable and clean olive oil product.

Generic Brand Foods: Organic Bread from the Whole Foods Market 365 Brand

Bread is a food that provides humans with important vitamins, fibers and minerals. It is generally safe to buy bread from a generic brand, and organic whole wheat breads are the healthiest choice. However, they are often the most expensive choice as well. Consumers who are looking for a cheaper but high-quality alternative, should head over to Whole Foods Market. This store sells one of the best organic 100% whole wheat breads via its 365 Everyday Value brand.

Generic Brand Foods: Archer Farms Whole Wheat Pasta from Target

Whole wheat pasta is a straightforward product that usually only has one ingredient. This makes it a perfect generic brand food product for health enthusiasts. Many stores sell this kind of fiber rich food, but the Target Archer Farms brand sells a particularly tasty version of whole wheat spaghetti.

Generic Brand Foods: Carefully Compare Labels and Make a Healthy Decision

It depends on a lot of factors, whether or not a food product from a generic brand should be bought or not. Some stores have better in-house brands than others. Healthy store brand products are generally good to buy, when they are locally produced and when they have a small list of fresh and nutrient rich ingredients. Always make sure to check nutrition labels and compare them with the labels from branded products, because not all the foods are healthier than the branded ones. If the labels are similar and a possible difference in taste is not an issue, then there really is no reason to avoid a generic brand product.