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How to Get Free Stuff in the Mail (Without Filling Out Surveys)

Are you interested in receiving free stuff in the mail, but you don’t want to spend your time taking survey after survey?

You may think you’re out of luck, but there are actually a lot of different ways that you can go about getting free stuff with minimal effort. Want to learn more? Then check out the five tips below.

Free Stuff in the Mail: Request Free Samples from Retailers

Whether you’d like to try out a new company, or you’ve been a loyal customer of the company for years, many retailers will send you free samples of their most popular products if you ask.

This is one of the easiest ways to receive free stuff in the mail without spending time on surveys. Companies like to promote their products when they can, and offering free samples to their customers is a great way for them to do so. It allows customers to try out their newer products — risk free — and continue buying if the product is right for them.

Free Stuff in the Mail: Sign Up for Sweepstakes and Prize Drawings

Sure, there’s no guarantee that this option will get you anything, but numerous retailers have sweepstakes drawings that can yield you some pretty nice returns.

To see if any of your favorite companies are currently running a sweepstakes, hit up their Facebook and Twitter pages. These will be the most likely places to find announcements, and is also a great way to check out the other deals the company is offering (free sample giveaways, free trial subscriptions, coupons, etc.).

If you don’t win, you spent only a few minutes of your time. If you do win, you just got an awesome little package making its way towards your mailbox.

Free Stuff in the Mail: Sign Up for a Free Trial

There are plenty of services that offer free trials to new customers, so signing up for free trials is a great way to find free stuff in your mailbox.

Companies like Netflix understand that customers want to try before they buy — this gives you the chance to try a product or service — completely free — for the duration of your trial period. Where can you find free trials? Many companies with monthly subscription services offer them, such as GameFly and Graze. Simply go to the companies websites, sign up for the free trial offers, and then await your mailbox goodies.

Free Stuff in the Mail: Complain About a Bad Experience

It’s unfortunate when you have had a bad experience with one of your favorite retailers, but this experience may be salvageable.

Companies love when you tell them about your bad experiences as it gives them a chance to right the wrong that was done to you and ensure your continued loyalty as a customer. So, if you have a bone to pick, don’t be afraid to call, write, or email the company. Most companies will offer free samples and coupons without prompting, but don’t be afraid to ask directly either!

Want an even better chance of receiving free stuff in the mail? Offer constructive criticism — what could the company have done right when handling your particular situation, and what should they try in the future?

Free Stuff in the Mail: Write a Letter (or Tweet, or Email) of Praise

Companies like to hear both sides — the good and the bad — but unfortunately, customers are more likely to say something only after a bad experience.

To encourage reviews, more and more businesses are starting to offer perks to customers who give them feedback. If you had a wonderful experience, or you simply want to rave about a product you love, there’s no doubt that the company would like to hear about it and may even reward you for your efforts.

If you want to start getting free stuff delivered straight to your mailbox, don’t think that you need to spend countless hours filling out surveys. Instead, try one (or all) of the five tips mentioned above and be on your way to enjoying free samples, trials, and more!